At eRealEstateCoach.com, our innovative platform provides on-demand coaching segments that deliver highly focused, value-driven content that will drive results and enhance your performance inside and outside the office.

Each 5-10 minute coaching video segment is paired with downloadable content including scripts, forms, letters, emails, texts and social media content.

You want change. You want balance. You want to take control of your real estate career and transform your life to reflect a lifestyle that is inspiring, fulfilling, and authentic. Your journey, your path, can begin right now today. You just have to make a decision. This is your first step, take it.

What if there was a way to supercharge your success cycle and move from burnout, frustration, and apathy to optimism, excitement, and focus? A way to leapfrog over real estate professionals with 10, 20, or even 30 years of experience and gain complete control over your real estate business and your life. There is a way – I call it the Wisdom Technique.

Top real estate agents aren’t weighted down by the unnecessary, they are agile, light on their feet, and have mastered the art of becoming a corporate athlete. When they step on the field they are players not victims. They understand the real estate game and they know how to win. Are you ready to start winning?

If you look yourself in the mirror 12 months from now where will you be? Will you look and feel energized and alive in the moment, will your listing inventory reflect a killer lead generation system, will your buyers treat you like a rock star, will your clients be raving fans and referral machines? That is entirely up to you!

The agents in your office and community who are producing 10X your volume aren’t working 10X harder than you but they are working smarter. They understand the power of creating a repeat and referral business model. Stop chasing magic bullets and paying for leads that go nowhere. Embrace the concept of Q2.

Learn the secrets to converting FSBO’s appointments into listings and how to have FSBO’s look forward to your follow up. Want even more appointments? What if there was a treasure trove of hidden For Sale by Owner listings in your market? There are we call them – Legacy FSBO’s. Get ready to take notes.

How many listings expired in your market yesterday? Studies show that two-thirds of expired sellers re-list their home within 30 days and many of them also reduce their price at the same time! Who do they list with? Agents that have mastered the scripts, techniques, and tools to motivate them to take action. Become that agent.

What if you could turn every open house into an opportunity to create five transactions? You can by modeling the scripts, techniques, and strategies of some of the top REALTORS in the country.  Did you know that over half the “buyers” walking into your open house are actually sellers in disguise? Stop wasting time and start capturing more buyers, sellers, and leads!