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Pam Ermen on Why Talent is Not Enough

 Talent is Not Enough to Reach Peak Performance in Real Estate! Watch and learn as CRS instructor Pam Ermen explains why talent is not enough to win in today’s real estate market. She also explores what it takes to achieve Triple Crown Performance and the two things you must have in place before you […]

Your Real Estate Coach

Are you looking for a transformation in your Real Estate Career?  The Path, created by Broker, Author, Speaker, and Coach Jim Remley is a premium coaching platform designed for agents committed to excellence in life and in business. The system includes hundreds of videos, tools, scripts, forms, emails, texts, and downloadables all built for agents who are […]

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Rejecting the Spaghetti Theory

Have you ever given up on a listing? What do I mean by giving up? It’s where at some point you just mentally throw in the towel. You say to yourself: You know what, to heck with this, if it sells – it sells, if it doesn’t – it doesn’t! You then just put the […]

Interview with Terry Rasmussen

Watch and learn as Terry explains why he built a team and how he positions himself as not just a REALTOR, but as a marketing firm and consultant. Discover why using your admin as a buyer’s agent may not be the best choice and how to use ‘sharp’ time during your day to be more […]

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Results Focused Personal Marketing!

Personal marketing is easy to throw money at – just look at the thousands of agents who waste millions of dollars a year in marketing that yields little to no results. We have all fallen into the same trap. We start spending money on an idea and then we feel a moral obligation to continue […]

The Einstein Technique

How do you simplify your business so you can achieve Real Estate Zen? One way is to use the Einstein Technique to simplify your choices and empower yourself to build a referral based business. Your business doesn’t have to be complicated! Take five minutes and learn how to unlock the door to more listings and […]

The Housewarming Script

 Want a fun prospecting idea absolutely no one else in your market is using? The Housewarming Script is an easy way to do circle marketing around any closed transaction. Don’t waste an opportunity to use the trigger event of a closed sale to make connections and take more listings! Best of all this technique […]

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Rewiring Your Business Using Systems

When I first started selling real estate I noticed that top producers seemed to work smarter not necessarily harder than I was. After closer study it became obvious to me, that instead of just winging every area of their operations the top producers in my market were instead using systems to constantly improve and re-fine […]

Tiffany Wilkerson- Real Estate Marketing & Branding Expert

Watch and learn as Tiffany Wilkerson provides insightful and timely ideas for both new and experienced agents to take control of their marketing and branding efforts to power up their real estate business. During the interview she provides 3 Ideas to Ramp Up Your Spring Marketing Efforts + Plus the Hottest Way Agents are Differentiating […]

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10 Steps to Springtime Success

With spring here and summer fast approaching it’s time again to gear up for the rush of wide eyed buyers, and anxious sellers. During this time of year as the old farmers say you have to make hay while the sun shines! So how can you be ready for the avalanche of new activity that […]

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A Coward Guide to Crisis Management

Have you ever had a crisis in your career? Maybe I should ask how many have of you had a crisis today? Let’s face it a great real estate agent is first and foremost a problem solver and because of this a top producers desk will often become a crisis management center. A place where […]

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Nine Key Buyer Signals to Watch for When Showing Homes

Did you know that there are 9 key buyer signals that will red flag you that your buyer may be ready to finally actually write an offer? Let’s take a quick look….  1. Nervousness – If your clients begin to fidget, need to use the bathroom, or start jumping up and down, it may mean […]

Interview with Wallace Wright

How does an agent creating a six figure income only lose one transaction in that last 4 Years? Client Coaching! Watch as Wallace Wright explains his 2nd Look Strategy and how creative problem solving is at the core of closing more sales.

Interview with Kenny Taylor

Watch and Learn how Real Estate Rising Star Kenny Taylor uses ratings and reviews to build his business and how the power of video is a differentiator in the market place.

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How to Eliminate Unproductive Busy Days!

How to Eliminate Unproductive Busy Days! It was after eleven at night when I finally pulled up into my driveway. The windshield on my Honda had fogged up because it was raining buckets of sleet so much, I had driven past my own house twice. To make matters worse, I had just missed a very […]

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Are Buyers Liars? Five Ways to Raise Your Buyer Standards

My first year in the real estate business I met a new agent named Steve. Steve had come from Alaska where he had been in the moving business. Not real estate, mind you, the actual physical grunt work of moving furniture, appliances, boxes, and peoples’ stuff from one home to another. It was, by his […]

Interview with Amber Houchen

 What can a great assistant do to help support your real estate business? Watch this quick video to learn how Robin Simpson’s assistant, Amber Houchen, helps manage and implement strategies to improve client relationships.

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Interview with Sara Jo Robbins

Learn how All-Star Realtor Sara Jo Chancler- Robbins has dramatically increased her business by using social media, texting, and networking as a few of her key strategies to achieve her goals. Also, don’t miss her spot- on advice to new agents on exactly what not to do!

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Are you Market Driven or Strategy Driven?

Are you market driven or are you strategy driven?  What’s the difference? Let’s start with a market driven agent. A market driven agent is a person who has over the last five years done very, very well. They have more business than they can handle. They come in early and go home late. They wear […]

Interview with DeAnna and Dyan

How do you close 80 real estate transactions for over $32,000,000 in volume and still achieve work- life balance? Follow the leadership examples of top producers DeAnna Sickler and Dyan Lane by adopting a ‘servants heart,’ being authentic and relational, and learning to attract the kind of clients you actually enjoying serving.

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Archimedes’ Secret to Motivating Buyers

The ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes, long regarded as one of the most influential scientists of all time, is credited with the famous conclusion, “Give me a big enough lever and I can move the world.” Archimedes discovered that massive weights can be moved with a relative small force by using the power of leverage. Believe […]

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Five Steps to Keeping Your Hopper Full

Your hopper is now officially full; in fact, it’s overflowing with leads, almost too many to handle. So what do most Realtors do at this point? They stop prospecting and focus their efforts on the buyers and sellers currently in their hopper. You may be asking yourself: what is a hopper? A hopper is your capacity […]

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Finding Your Coconut

As a rookie real estate agent, I had the good fortune to spend a day with a true sale professional- a man who had rose through the ranks of a fortune 500 company to become head of a vast sales department with thousands of employees across the world. While showing him property, I decided to […]

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Ten Ways to Use Testimonials

It was a tough a transaction. The buyers were iffy, their credit was marginal, they had no down payment and the home needed tons of work. But you’re a superstar! You worked day and night, and even a few weekends to make sure that your clients were able to purchase their first home. At the […]