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Breaking Impossible Sales Barriers in Real Estate

Have you ever thought to yourself – I just can’t do anymore! I’m at my limit! But is that really true or have y0u instead placed a self imposed ceiling on your success? At times, in our changing market, it can certainly seem like we could not possible do any more. But this is a […]

How to Use Anchor Price Point Scripts, Get More Feedback, and Normalize Price Reductions

To help sellers position their listing to receive more showings and more offers we need to provide our clients with the consultation they need to make good decisions. Often this comes down to learning how to explain concepts that can helps sellers help themselves. Watch this quick video to learn how to use Anchor Price Point […]

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Three Keys to Building a Real Estate Brand

Congratulations you have just been nominated for your first Oscar! I guess all those acting classes in college finally paid off.  Unfortunately the ceremony is tonight and you can’t make it because you’re on location with Vin Diesel in Bangladesh. (Blast!) On such short notice your agent has informed you that you only have six […]

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Upgrade Your Listing Presentation with a Success Portfolio

Once you have mastered your core presentation, many agents find it helpful to create a success portfolio. A success portfolio is a pictorial journal of your past success stories. One of the best ways to envision a success portfolio is to imagine yourself interviewing a photographer or an architect. Both of these professionals almost always […]

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Re-Pricing Your Listing Inventory

Have a listing that hasn’t sold? As we come to the end of summer it’s a great time to talk to your seller client’s about re-positioning their home in the market. During this five minute video we cover – The end of summer Price Conversation, Peer Group Pricing, Positional Pricing, and Incentives.

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Convert Every Real Estate Buyer Call: How to Use the Commodity Exchange

A few years ago I conducted a seminar for a large real estate company that wanted desperately to improve its call conversion ratio. In a large conference room at a local hotel we rigged a cellphone to two large speakers and I called ten real estate companies randomly selected from a real estate portal. Of […]

How to “Program” Your Sphere of Influence to Send You More Real Estate Referrals

 Would you like more referrals from your friends and family over the next 90 days? Watch and learn how to “Program” your sphere of influence to send your more real estate referrals using one simple script. About the Author Jim Remley is a nationally recognized expert in the field of residential real estate. Entering the […]

The Carrot or the Stick – What Motivates You?

The Carrot or the Stick – What Motivates You? from eRealEstateCoach on Vimeo. It’s an interesting fact that a large part of the population isn’t motivated by rewards or achievement. Instead they are driven by a fear of loss or what happens if they don’t produce at a high level. This fear of loss, pushes […]

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Three Scripts to Tackle the For Sale by Owner Market – Take More Listings and Close More Sales!

For some reason agents generally view For Sale by Owners as a very tough market to crack.  They view private sellers as big, snarling, frothing monsters ready to devour the first agent that dares enter their domain. Quaking with fear the few agents that do make the attempt to talk with a private seller usually start […]

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Capture and Captivate Real Estate Buyers by Being a Curator

Capture and Captivate Real Estate Buyers by Being a Curator from eRealEstateCoach on Vimeo. Would you like to raise your buyer service level, create raving fans, and close more transactions? Watch this video to discover how Top Producers become real estate curators by helping their buyers with specialized knowledge and service at the zero moment […]

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Eight Cash Cow Systems for REALTORS

Have you ever met a dumb millionaire? I have and it’s irritating. The thought that someone can be so simple minded yet create such abundance in their lives can be frustrating for the rest of us who have to work hard for a living. So what is their secret? How can they achieve success without being […]

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California Market Tumbles 11% in June….

Bloomberg and CNBC reported this week that the California real estate market took a tumble in June down 11% compared to a year ago. New real estate construction took a harder fall down 47% according to a corelogic report. Is this a canary in the coal mine situation? The end times or the bellwether of […]

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Seven Sphere of Influence Strategies for Real Estate Pro’s

At least twice a year you should make an effort to personally visit each one of your sphere of influence members. Why? There is nothing as powerful in business as personal contact. Shaking hands with another person, or looking someone in the eye is that human touch aspect of selling that can’t be replaced with […]

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Signature Selling for Real Estate Pro’s

Have you ever experienced a work of art? Perhaps it was a painting that took your breath away, or a piece of literature that stirred your emotions. Just as likely it may have been a mesmerizing photograph, or even a piece of captivating music. Now think carefully, once you were done soaking the experience in […]

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Three Extremely Easy Selling Strategies in Real Estate

Often as real estate professionals we tend to want to believe that our success is tied to how complicated we can make our careers. We have ten different prospecting systems, three different e-mail addresses, six social media platforms, five websites, two assistants, three computers, one laptop, and a splitting headache! What if our success in the […]

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Five Ways to Stay Focused in Real Estate

You’re on the right track, or so it seems, you have defined your career purpose, set up goals in line with your purpose and you have even established a daily priority plan. Now effective time management should just take care of itself, right? Wrong! As you become more productive you may find that you will […]

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Should You Earn a Real Estate Designation?

So should you earn a real estate designation? Are there any advantages to specializing in a certain area of the real estate market or is it better to be a general practitioner? This is a question that certainly faced another professional organization a few years back – doctors. Over the past several decades’ specialization has […]

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Identifying Tribes To Build Your Real Estate Business

Several years ago I purchased a motorcycle. It was my first road bike, a Yamaha 650. It was beautiful machine, with a grey tear drop style tank, and wide hand bars. The powerful machine was a true pleasure to ride. But while I had for years rode dirt bikes of all shapes and sizes in […]

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Mastering the Real Estate Sign Call- Convert Callers into clients!

What do you most buyers want when calling a real estate office? Generally it’s the location of the home they are interested in, otherwise known as the address. But what if your prospective client has driven by the home and already knows the location? Does this put you into a less desirable position as an […]

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Multiple Offer Mayhem in Real Estate

The agent’s face was as red as a fire ant. “She did it again!” “What?” I asked knowing full well that I would spend the next half hour listening to my veteran agent explain how she had just lost a sale to a young new competitor in a multiple offer situation. To compound the problem […]

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Nine Key Real Estate Buyer Signals

Did you know that there are nine key real estate buyer signals that will red flag you that your buyer may be ready to finally actually write an offer? Let’s take a quick look… Nervousness – If your clients begin to fidget, need to use the bathroom, or start jumping up and down, it may […]

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One Stage VS Two Stage Listing Appointments

It’s an age old dilemma among real estate professionals – do we ask for a kiss on the first date or the second? In other words do we go for the listing on the same day we meet with the client, or do we spend more time getting to know the sellers at the second […]

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Planting Three Early Pricing Seeds

So what happens when you make a pricing mistake? The stark reality is that even with the consultative approach to setting the right asking price you and the seller can easily still make a pricing error. This is why it is so important to plant some early pricing seeds. Think of these seeds as concepts or […]

Tips and Tricks for Unlocking New Builder Clients from top producing REALTOR Stacy Freitas

 Watch and learn how she landed her first builder, how she builds value in her services, and how she gives builders and developers insight on how to meet the market by building products that appeal to homebuyers.